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Entities Statuses

Below we list all the entities available in our platform, along with all available statuses and some informations about them.

Status Info
APPROVED When the order is finalized successfully
REJECTED When the order is not finalized
PAYMENT_WAITING When the order awaits user payment
PROCESSING_PAYMENT When the order payment is processing
- -
completed When the quote was confirmed and was converted successfully in order
expired When the quote available time to confirm was expired
available When the quote can be confirmed to be converted in order
- -
finished When the checkout has all steps completed
expired When the checkout available period expired
created When the checkout was just created
processing When the checkout it is in the process of completion
- -
ACCEPTED When the KYC is completed and accepted
REJECTED When the KYC was rejected by system
NOT COMPLETED When the KYC must be provided by user
WAITING ADMIN APPROVAL When the KYC awaits system confirmation
- -
active When the service is active.
completed When the service is completed.
rejected When the service is rejected.
pending When the service is in pending state.
liquidated When the service is liquidated, specific for loan type.
payment When the serviceis waiting payment.
- -
distributed When the vesting is distributed.
pending When the vesting is in pending state.
canceled When the vesting is canceled.
- -
distributed When the bonus is distributed.
pending When the bonus is in pending state.
canceled When the bonus is canceled.
- -
distributed When the reward is distributed.
pending When the reward is in pending state.
canceled When the reward is canceled.

If this do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@cryptocoin.pro.

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