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CryptoCoin.pro Referral provide a way for users to earn rewards after certain actions happen in our system, based on users activity.

Two referral components are available in our platform, as following:

1. App Referral

Regulary, our App users can take benefits with certain campaigns available for them, rewards being offered by our system.

2. Partner Referral

Any application available on our platform, can choose to enable certain campaigns with different incentives via their Partner dashboards.

How it works?

Referral is a "plug-and-play" mechanism, where referral, have a specific URL to make some actions, regulary by inviting new people or after certain operations are executed by them, like a purchase of a crypto.

This mechanism is available globally on all our ecosystem, including Widget, Checkout, API or even the App itself. For more details, about how to implement/use it, please go ti individual ecosystem component and search for referral part.

If this do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@cryptocoin.pro.

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