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12 March 2021


  • Massive improvements on our automatic asset management system depending of order status, user state, and context, to make necessary actions.
  • Max deviation allowed protection when our rate providers (including all possible fall backs) fail to retrieve current asset rate.
  • Improvements on our queues and kernel system.
  • General fixes and improvements.


  • Security fix regarding XSS potential attack on user first and last name.


  • For platforms with proprietary assets fix orders, quotes and transfers endpoint not displaying orders related to owned assets.
  • In certain situation quote confirmation will be constrained by a certain KYC level.
  • Fix edge case of request crash when certain invalid data format was submitted at creating new Wallet, Bank, and Card entities.


  • Fix dashboard charts to take in consideration owned assets when counting and rendering charts.
  • Allow Staff members login when your Platform is in Lock state.
  • Integrate owned proprietary assets in all entities for a Platform.


  • Fix API documentation around endpoints 201 responses.


  • Move Identity button on top for consistency with Partner dashboard.

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