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Our ecosystem is vibrant and periodically improved. Thus, some deprecations may occur from time to time, even if our main goal is to avoid such things. Bellow we keep track of them along with replacements.

Date Location Type Deprecation Replacement
15.03.2022 API Endpoint Security Password Set Guard Password Set
01.03.2022 Checkout JWT payload user.id link.id
01.03.2022 Checkout JWT payload user.username link.username
18.02.2022 Checkout JWT payload payment.operation buy/sell Use full operation type code
18.02.2022 Checkout JWT payload payment.fiat rename payment.secondSymbol
08.02.2022 API Order resource fromSymbol property fromAsset.symbol
08.02.2022 API Order resource toSymbol property toAsset.symbol
08.02.2022 API Quote resource from property fromAsset.symbol
08.02.2022 API Quote resource to property toAsset.symbol
2021 - - - -
17.12.2021 API Order resource wallet property walletAddress.address
17.12.2021 API Quote resource wallet property walletAddress.address
17.12.2021 API Wallet resource coin property asset.symbol
2020 - - - -
27.11.2020 API Endpoint KYC phone store Phone store
27.11.2020 API Endpoint KYC phone verify Phone verify
27.11.2020 API Endpoint KYC phone reverify Phone reverify
20.11.2020 API UserExternal resource active property status property
01.10.2020 Checkout Query parameter platform_id platform

If this do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@cryptocoin.pro.

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