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Operations can handle multiple types of operations for its crypto portfolio, not just buy and sell to fiat.

Below we list all the operations available in our platform, along with some informations about them.

Short Code Details Example
BWF buy_with_fiat Crypto can be bought with fiat EUR to BTC
STF sell_to_fiat Crypto can be sell to fiat BTC to EUR
BWC buy_with_crypto Crypto can be bought with other crypto USDT to BTC
STC sell_to_crypto Crypto can be sell to other crypto BTC to USDT
SC send_crypto Crypto can be send to other user Send BTC
RC receive_crypto Crypto can be receive by other user Receive BTC
D deposit Crypto can be deposited on our platform Deposit BTC
W withdraw Crypto can be withdraw in user crypto wallet Withdraw BTC

The availability of an operations for a crypto asset depends of the contractual settle between us, and Partner.

If this do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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